About us
BEO Group

The Brackman Entertainment Organizations (BEO) companies provide the technology for the ultimate stage experience.

We design and fabricate steel constructions, under- and overstage mechanics and develop motion control hard- & software. Once a project is completed we offer after care through full service & training.

The BEO group is the holding of three separate subsidiaries: Trekwerk B.V, BEO Staal B.V and CueSupport B.V. Our organisation structure enables us to respond flexible to the challenging market situation in the entertainment industry. Our promise: We’re here to stay.

It is not just our technology that makes for a unique theater experience, our people make the difference, too. Currently, we have 75 colleagues working for the BEO Group, spread between Weesp (Amsterdam, NL) and Heeze (Eindhoven, NL). Like no other, we understand the importance of communication between artists and operators and the show-must-go-on-principle. As a business partner we promote openness and transparency. Our innovative mindset, technical knowledge, and the drive to make the best solution possible distinguishes us.

Trekwerk focusses on projects across the globe, providing complete theater installations. Furthermore, Trekwerk has a research and development department to continuously innovate  and customize our products.

BEO Staal is an independent steel factory working together with BEO Trekwerk and CueSupport, responsible for the production of not only the lamel grid, tension grids and winches, but also smaller components. All the products produced are of SIL-3 standards.

CueSupport offers theaters maintenance and support contracts, being specialized in the Trekwerk installations. They are also most qualified to train your operators and staff in using TNM operating software.