Wire tension grid

A tension grid is a strong, safe and virtually transparent platform used in theaters, studios and concert halls. Tension grids are composed of extremely tightly woven wire rope steel cables that create a floor that is strong enough for technicians to walk on.

The wire tension grid is often used for spaces without a fly tower and therefore no flybar facilities, such as in this project .

How it works

Our wire tension grid is designed in such a way that it is solid enough to walk on safely , but fine enough to not form an obstacle for the quality of the lighting on stage. This means the stage lighting, which is situated above the tension grid, is fully accessible. Another benefit for this solution is that you do not have to enter the stage to reach the lighting. Cables and electrical wires as well as chain hoists can easily pass through.

We design the tension grid custom to your situation. Together with BEO Staal, we find the best solution for your theater, studio or concert hall and produce the tension grid in our factory.

Your benefits

  • Customized design for your application
  • No obstacle for the quality of lighting on stage
  • Safe and strong for technicians
  • Ability to use (chain) hoists
  • Experienced engineers, production and installation team that take your needs into account