To create a single fly point with a payload of 250kg @ 2 m/sec

To ensure flexibility for the artistic team, the SynchroPoint was developed as a mobile lifting system. The SynchroPoint is a single point hoist that can move around the fly loft. It can be used for moving scenery or props precisely at a specific point but can also be used to enforce a fly bar where needed. The SynchroPoint can also be used for 3D flying.

The SynchroPoint can be moved around and installed by a single operator and can be operated using the TNM.

How it works

The motor and the drop wheel are separated by an arm of 1,8 meters in length. This spreads the weight of the payload and the winch. When there is no load attached to the bob-weight, this arm can be lifted by its handle. This will hinge the wheels under the winch and now the PointHoist can easily be moved around by a single operator. By lowering the arm, the drop pulley can be placed in a new position, the winch will rest on its own weight – there is no need for additional fixings.

Because of this design – having the winch separated from the actual drop point – the weight is better distributed on the fly loft floor, and it is possible to create point drops at the edges of the fly tower, or close to one another. Power and data are connected using an extension cable.

SynchroPoints work best in combination with our lamel grid.

Your benefits

  • Easy to move over the fly loft grid by one technician
  • Synchronous with the complete fly installation 
  • Quiet and fast
  • The weight of the winch is separated from the actual drop point. This means it is better distributed on the fly loft floor
  • Less impact on the building construction

Technical specs

WLL250kg  / (500 kg)
Speed0 – 2 m/sec
Self weight170 kg
MotorSynchronous 7,5 kW / (15 kW)
ReductorPlanetary gear
Steel cable6mm / (8mm) with bob-weight
Cable drumNylon
Motor inside drumYes
Dynamic load measuringYes
Absolute encoderYes
Dual brakeYes
Loose cable detectionYes
Person Flying (SIL3)Yes