Usability as starting point

Our systems and applications have one common starting point: Usability for the operator and theater is a key requirement for the engineering and technical team.

For us the performance itself as only one part of the show. Logistics, set up, safety are all part of the user experience and thus need to be addressed in every aspect of our system.

Its’ all in the details

When you take usability as starting point of each system our engineers have come up with smart solutions. For example:

  • Fixation points all over the truss for the technicians to direct cables and lightning
  • The operator has always a visual connection to the stage while at the same time operating the TNM
  • Re-use of TNM programming to be deployed at another location. This is especially relevant for travelling companies
  • Speed of programming during the preparation for the show for maximum of flexibility and last minute changes
  • Safety procedures that outsmart market standards

Your benefits

  • Increased operator satisfaction
  • Maximized flexibility
  • Implementation for last-minutes changes

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