A syntax driven interface

The New Machine (TNM), the root of our success, is Trekwerk’s answer to the daily operating struggles in your theater. It has been used and enjoyed by operators worldwide for over 20 years!
Being experienced by operators as extremely user-friendly for both large and small stages and performances, the TNM is the ultimate software and client interface for the entertainment industry!

Our TNM control interface maximizes the freedom of creating complex shows safe and fast. With it’s dedicated keyboard and touch-screen, commands are entered just as they are spoken, eliminating the human error factor. Complex shows can be programmed swiftly and with ease, making the work with an artistic team a true joy. The TNM system comes with a comprehensive effects engine to quickly build very complex movements yet still is very easy to learn for the novice user. The system is especially attractive for high demand theaters with quick changeovers between shows. It can handle multiple shows simultaneously and multiple operators, all working in the same cue-base.

TNM unleashes vast artistic possibilities and with more than half a million shows being programmed, it also is proven to be one of most safe and reliable systems available in the market. 

The cloud-based exchange of shows, it’s automatic translation of cue’s between different theaters made TNM the leading systems for receiving theaters. It’s integration with lighting and audio equipment, video-mapping and comprehensive interlocking facilities makes it the preferred tool for production houses.

TNM Client Interface

The TNM Client is your day-to-day, most important, instrument to work with. The ergonomic TNM Client is a large lay-out of direct access controllers on the real-time part of the controller. The Client is designed for both smaller and larger stages and can program more complex shows based on its user defined flexible operating methods.

The Client has a 24”touchscreen, with a lay-out that can be organized to the user’s wishes. An incorporated drawer accommodates the keyboard and the mouse pad, which are always within reach.

Your benefits

  • Fast programming & flexibility
  • Visualization
  • Reliable rehearsing and performing
  • Artistic and creative freedom
  • Easy-to-use control system
  • Effect engine to build complex movements, saving time
  • Working cue-based, enhancing usability and time-management
  • Multiple shows can be programmed simultaneously
  • Multiple operators can work simultaneously
  • Cloud-based exchanges of shows
  • Add-ons to increase creativity, such as video-mapping, interlocking facilities and an object and flying module
  • Being part of the TNM Club