Our process

BEO Trekwerk is here to support you every step of the way, from your initial seemingly impossible ideas to seeing those dreams become a reality.

Being a part of the BEO Group means that we have everything in-house. We design, manufacture, assemble, commission, and maintain your system from A to Z.

Plan & Design

During our planning and design phase, we help you to turn your ideas into a reality. Using our experience in the theater world, our engineers are able to empathize with your struggles, help you define your needs, and turn these into a completely customized system by using technical drawings and specifications.


During this phase, our team focuses on the manufacturing of your system, both mechanical (at BEO Staal) and electronic. We customize our software to your needs and wishes. This also includes testing, quality control and routine check-ups to ensure a perfectly working and worry-free system.


During the entire process we take the logistics into account. This includes smooth time management and the delivery of the components of your system to the project site. This is especially important for existing theaters or hard to reach buildings.


During the assembly phase, our specialized site-manager ensures that the assembly of the components runs smoothly, is a direct contact person for others on site and manages the time schedule to promote on-time delivery of the system.


During the commission phase the chosen components will start to work together as one huge operating system. We work closely with our sister company CueSupport to guarantee a seamless handover to the maintenance phase of your system. During commissioning your operators will also receive a TNM training and become part of our TNM Club, so they can safely operate your new system.

Service & Maintenance

After your system has been commissioned, CueSupport becomes your main contact for service and maintenance questions. Among other things, but not exclusively, 24/7 support, service agreements and any desired extra TNM training are subjects for which you can contact our sister company CueSupport.