On- & understage machinery

What is on- & understage machinery?

As the name suggests, on- and understage machinery are all technological machinery that are placed on or under the stage. This includes stage lifts, auditorium lifts, proscenium lifts, turntable wagons, and orchestra pit lifts but also stage revolves, truck lifts and actor lifts. You could even combine some of these machines into one, such as having stage lifts within a stage revolve or using an orchestra pit lift with seating wagons to double as an auditorium lift.

A custom approach

Our engineers will take the requirements of your theater into account and will design a solution that fits your needs. As every theater is unique, a customized approach is taken by Trekwerk. Your project is in experienced hands. Our engineers thrive on technical challenges.

Want to see on- and understage machinery in action? Check out our references  or contact us!