Stage lifts

Stage lifts exist in many different forms, and allow for quiet and gentle movements as well as stable support for stages. At Trekwerk, we refer to stage lifts when they are used to move parts of the stage. This can for example be used to optimize the sound of a band in a concert hall, such as here , or can be used as effects in shows.

How it works

Depending on the situation in your theater, we decide on technical specifications and the right lifting system. Whether it’s a Spiralift, rack & pinion, spindles, scissors or counterweighted with steel wires, we have expertise in all areas.

The lifting system is the basis of the stage lift, which allows the stage lift to be lifted in a steady and safe manner. The stage lift itself can be any size you desire and will be engineered based on your needs.

Your benefits

  • Customized solution, specifically designed to fit your needs
  • Specialized engineers who thrive on a technical challenge
  • Many options available
  • No limits to what can be achieved
  • Design teams that include you in their process
  • Multifunctional systems
  • SIL3 safety level