Safety applications

Beyond the industry standard

In our industry safety is key. At Trekwerk, we go one step beyond the industry standard. Aside from the standard safety functions built into the TNM system, we offer the possibilities to extend the safety system for specific applications.

Numerous options

One option is the possibility to add extra so-called deadman’s switches to the system. Trekwerk supplies mobile deadman’s switches that allow multiple technicians to watch all the movements on stage and stop a movement if necessary.

Even when there are many simultaneous movements or when the fly system operator has poor visibility during specific cues you can execute your movements safely and controlled.

We also offer fire resistant doors, that enhance the safety of your theater even further.

As almost all our solutions are customer-specific, we offer interlock systems specifically designed and implemented for your use. As an example, we could include an add-on in your system that a certain fly bar is unable to move when something or someone stands beneath it, or a certain lift cannot be moved when it detects a weight on top of it. This enhances the safety of your entire system.

Your benefits

  • Additional safety options specifically designed to match your needs
  • Working with a partner that understands what it takes
  • Safety applications that go beyond the industry standard