Lamel grid

The lamel grid is another version of a technical work floor above the stage. It is built up of different lamels, which can individually be flipped open. It is often used in theaters, for example here , as this system has many benefits.

How it works

Each lamel can be flipped open, creating a gap, to lower a point hoist or chain hoist. The gap between each lamel when closed is a free space which can also be used to lower point or chain hoists. Cables can be neatly hidden underneath each lamel.

The lamel floor is available in a variety of perforations or non-perforated options, depending on your acoustics and your local fire regulations (sprinkler systems).

Your benefits

  • Customized design for your application
  • Specialized engineers, production and installation team that takes your needs into account
  • A clean, neat grid floor
  • Ability to use point and/or chain hoists.
  • Safety enhancing when sprinkler systems are located above the grid due to perforation options
  • Enhances audience experience due to acoustic considerations