For silent and compact winch work, for all vertical movements in and out of the fly tower

The SynchroDisk is our silent, compact, and dynamic theater winch, with a payload of 500kg @ 2 m/sec. Part of this winch is the frequency inverter.

How it works

The SynchroDisk has a brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor. The motor has a compact built-in two stage planetary gear fabricated in Germany. This makes it possible to place the motor inside the nylon cable drum without exceeding the width of 400mm. Due to the compact size, easy implementation, and system set-up, 2 rows of SynchroDisks can cover 20 cm distance between fly bars. Because the drum encloses the motor, its noise is reduced and the winch can be installed outside a machine room, for example above the stage.

Your benefits

  • Particularly high-quality and safe machine technology
  • High working load and speed in a compact design, width is < 400mm 
  • Simple and fast installation: short installation time
  • Silent operation: no machine room needed
  • Extreme low and high possible speeds, cues of < 0.0005m/s and up to 2 m/s
  • Soft movements, gentle starts and stops are guaranteed because of the dynamic performance of the synchronous technique combined with the TNM control capacities

Technical specs

WLL500 kg
Speed0 – 2 m/sec
Self weight450 kg
MotorSynchronous 15 kW
ReductorPlanetary gear
Steel cable6mm
Cable drumNylon / 8, 7 or 6 lines
Travel21 / 23,5 / 27 meters*
Motor inside drumYes
Dynamic load sensingYes
Absolute encoderYes
Dual brakeYes
Loose cable detectionYes
Person Flying (SIL3)Yes

* other configurations possible