A swinging pink elephant

Our company culture

Back in 1999, when the nineties were coming to an end, SpongeBob SquarePants was first seen on television, platform shoes were a hit, the world population first surpassed six billion and technology developed faster than we could ever have imagined, a handful of dedicated employees were brainstorming about a name for the newly found company.

This new company was to focus on the development of mechanical theatrical rigging systems (trekkenwanden in Dutch).

In line with this crazy, quickly developing and confusing world, these employees came to the conclusion that the name of this new company needed to make people laugh, or at least giggle.

It came down to two choices: choices: The Great Swinging Pink Elephant or Trekwerk.

Based on the length of the name a choice was quickly made.

Needless to say that in the Netherlands, even after more than 20 years, we still get the question why we chose Trekwerk. For our foreign customers: beside the obvious referral to Trekkenwanden (theatrical rigging systems) the direct english translation of Trekwerk is “wank work”.

The great pink elephant has become a running gag within the team and reflects our company culture. We love a technical challenge and we love a good laugh.

Our key values can best be described as creative, personal and committed.

  • creative: by thinking out of the box we turn your ideas into reality.
  • personal: we are focused on the long-term relationship. Our economic engine is driven by true partnerships with our customers.
  • committed: our people are responsible, resilient, service and solution minded.

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