Scenery applications

Scenery is often used as support for shows and adds to the experience of the audience. Often, scenery is attached to the fly bars of our system, which are driven by the SynchroDisk or one of our other customized winches and controlled by the TNM. These fast and silent winches ensure the optimal experience of the audience as well as the actors and technical staff.

Scenery can also be set up on a stage revolve (turntable), with or without integrated lifts and extra revolves within. These revolves can bring your performance to the next level by adding surprising elements to a performance.

Safety is number one

Scenery is often heavy and therefore dangerous flying above people’s heads. This means safety is our number one priority. We make no concessions concerning the strength and soundness of the construction. For the safe use of (large) scenery pieces above and near people, our calculators take pride in their high-quality constructive calculations and construction drawings. These calculations and constructions are the basis of the advice and recommendations of our engineers and project managers.

Through our 20+ years of experience in combination with up-to-date knowledge of standards and legislation, our engineering team and project management is your point of contact for advice.

Want to see this in action? Take a look at one of our previously built solutions.

Your benefits

  • Experienced theater engineers and calculators
  • Dedicated project managers that support you through the building process
  • Safety-first approach
  • Inhouse steel factory for optimized logistics
  • Advice and solutions based on constructive calculations and drawings
  • Silent and fast winches that move scenery, adding to the experience of your audience
  • A control system (TNM) that is easy to operate and enhances creative freedom, adding on to the experience of the audience, actors and technical staff