3D flying

Complex flying movements – safely executed and easy to program

In recent years, 3D flying has become a popular and – for both audience and performers – a more than impressive application on stage.

With our client interface, software, and specially designed construction, your operator is capable of programming complex flying movements. Programming these movements can be done with the same ease of use that our operators appreciate from our TNM system.

Safety comes first. Even the most complex flight movements can be safely realized when all possible risks have been mapped and evaluated in an RI&E (risk inventory) beforehand. Our team has the expertise to support you in making these risk analyses and setting up all safety procedures in order to guarantee safe 3D flying applications.

How it works

By using three or more (point) hoists and linking them together, the TNM system makes it possible to program complex flying movements. Not only flying scenery, but also the actors can be flown in any possible direction across the stage.

When using our point hoist for flying three-dimensional paths, all it takes to get started is a set of hoists and cables. When using our fly system, special winches are not necessary. This makes the fly system a cost-effective solution.

Your benefits

  • Creative flexibility to the maximum
  • State-of-the-art technology to take your show to the next level
  • Our engineers thrive on technical challenges
  • In-house steel factory for custom-made steel constructions
  • Easy to use client interface with multi-purpose operating opportunities
  • Easy to operate
  • Support with all necessary safety procedures

Want to see our 3D flying system in action?

Check out this video by SkyMotion, a vertical dance company.