Orchestra pit lift

The orchestra pit lift provides variable placement of the height of the orchestra pit. When no orchestra is present, an orchestra lift can be placed at stage level or audience level. It can then function as an extension of the stage and improvement of sightlines, or additional space for seating by adding seating wagons. These positions can be programmed by a remote or using our TNM.

How it works

Orchestra pit lifts can be adjusted to match the desired sound experience and view line of the stage.

Trekwerk values customization. Orchestra lifts are designed and built specifically for each theater, as each theater has a different lay-out.
With data on the installation dimensions, floor load, speed, and height, the details of the platform are determined. We can use different lifting systems, just as for the stage lift, and ensure stringent safety levels.

Click here  to see the orchestra pit lift and seating wagons in action.

Your benefits

  • Best audience experience
  • Facilitating artists in their creativity
  • Customized solution, specifically designed to fit your needs
  • Specialized engineers who thrive on a technical challenge
  • No limits to what can be achieved
  • Design teams that include you in their process
  • Multifunctional systems
  • SIL3 safety level