Stage revolve

A stage revolve is a round turntable within the stage floor, which can spin around a central pivot point. The stage revolve is driven by a motor and controlled by the TNM  or a remote control.

The revolve can quickly move a heavy, large amount of scenery or props, which allows for complex set changes without interruption of the flow of the performance. A scenery change can also artistically be designed to become an integral part of the show, enhancing the audience experience.

How it works

Revolves can have any diameter, and are custom designed to match your needs and wishes. The revolves could include integrated stage lifts, integrated smaller revolves, or both.

Our engineers design the revolve based on your preferences and discuss technical specs. We work together with BEO Staal to produce the revolve and test the technology. Rapid installation, safety and smooth functionality can then be ensured.

To see a stage revolve in one of our theaters, click here  or contact us!

Your benefits

  • Customized solution, specifically designed to fit your needs
  • Quick and quiet set changes
  • No show interruption needed
  • Possibility of adding stage lifts within the revolve, to take your performance to the next level
  • Specialized engineers who thrive on a technical challenge
  • Design teams that include you in their process
  • SIL3 safety level