Support structures

For beautiful effects in performances

Non-moving steel structures can also contribute to beautiful effects in performances.

We can make that happen. We are specifically proud of our in-house steel factory with a can-do mentality, producing steel constructions that elevate your performances.

Advanced production possibilities

Spot bars, lighting towers, and side racks are only a few of the support structures that our team can design. With our advanced production possibilities, we can also manufacture the most diverse steel objects for scenery.

Needless to say, that bridges, galleries, stairs, and the foundation beams for machines are also part of our offering. Our engineers work together with you and incorporate your requirements and wishes into the customer-specific design.

Curious to see these support structures in action? Check out our reference page.

Your benefits

  • Non-moving steel structures that enhance both the performer and audience experience
  • In-house advanced production facility BEO Staal for custom-made solutions
  • Experienced engineers that thrive on creative challenges
  • Safety that outperforms the industry standard