Our system

Every theater is unique in its own, as is each creative director. One thing is equal for all: the heart of the theater is the technical installation. Here, the creative process comes to life.

We refer to our machine as one big multi-armed robot; intelligent, quick, safe, and silent. Our machine contains several components that provide you with maximum flexibility, safety, and ease-to-use for your operator.

Having all knowledge and expertise in-house, Trekwerk has all means necessary to come up with solutions to your creative and most complicated challenges in the field of hoisting and lifting  techniques, constructions , and operating software . At Trekwerk, our focus is to ensure that you can make all horizontal, vertical and 3D movements possible.

Our approach

Trekwerk’s engineers involve their customer as well as our steel production company BEO Staal and our maintenance company CueSupport in the design process. This enables us to take on all your technical challenges. By taking maintenance requirements into account, we make sure that also after commissioning of our machine you get the best performance available.

Working with Trekwerk, you benefit from:

  • 20+ years of experience
  • 125+ references worldwide
  • Creative freedom
  • In-house steel production for maximized flexibility and minimized logistical challenges
  • Proven components for customized applications
  • An experienced engineering team that can bring your project to the next level
  • An experienced installation team
  • Safety that outperforms the market standard
  • Excellent after-sales services and a 24/7 customer service by our sister company CueSupport

We are here to help!

Trekwerk is happy to discuss your challenges and realize your requests. We get the job done. Our system is specifically designed to serve your needs. With over 20 years of experience, we can design, engineer, and produce the technical and software sides of every theatrical application.

Our team supports you with planning, manufacturing, installation, and service.

Our designers and engineers take safety, assembly time, and ease of use into account and start developing with the needs of easy maintenance as a prerequisite.

We know what it takes. Our promise is straightforward: you take care of the show, and we take care of the technical heart of the stage.