Haus der Berliner Festspiele (2010)


Complete dismantling and renovation of the stage technical installation with new galleries and lamel grid floor in the stage tower, 71 SynchroDisks, 12 250kg SynchroPoints, a new orchestra pit lift in three parts was installed and integrated into the TNM control infrastructure. In the rear and backstage area’s 19 new lineshaft winches are installed to accommodate temporary storage of sceneries. The existing iron curtain and 2 stage doors were updated with a new drive system.






The installation consists of:

  • 71 SynchroDisk WLL 500kg winches
  • 2 Up/downstage SynchroDisk WLL 500kg winches
  • 12 SynchroPoint WLL 250 kg
  • 19 lineshaft winches
  • TNM Operating system according to EN61508 SIL3
  • Regenerative/Redundant 600VDC Power system
  • Large stage doors
  • Orchestra pit lift in three parts


Schaperstraße 24
10719 Berlin