Koninklijk Theater Carré (2015)


The project was to replace the existing Stalogic Centurion operating system with the SIL3 Certified TNM system. For a long time, Carré had the wish to remove the portal towers and proscenium bridge which were rarely used and were becoming a restriction to their operating flexibility. The Trekwerk standard modular units replaced the old inverters. The existing 400VAC power system could be reused for the new system. The dark period of the control system renovation was used to remove the large steel constructions and install 8 additional fly bars.


A New TNM Operating system on:

  • Sixty-nine fly bar (tower) winches
  • Four panorama fly bar (tower) winches
  • Removal of the proscenium bridge and towers
  • Installation of 8 additional fly bars (SynchroDisk)


Amstel 115/125
1018EM Amsterdam
The Netherlands