Sara Kulturhus (2021)


A little further north than Umea (our other North Swedish TNM user), the Kulturhus of Skellefteå has also opted for a TNM installation in their two largest halls. In addition to a hotel, wellness, and restaurant, the newly built Kulturhus has 6 stages that can be used multi-functionally for music, dance, conference, or theater. The two large halls are equipped with a SynchroDisks fly system, SIL3 chain hoists, TNM control, the DC power supply system, and an orchestra pit lift.


Installation in two halls of:

  • 47 SynchroDisk cross-stage bars
  • 22 variable speed chain hoists
  • 1 Acoustic door
  • 1 Orchestra lift
  • Seating and floor wagons
  • 1 Stage lift
  • SIL3 TNM operating system
  • 600vDC power system


Kanalgatan 43b
931 31 Skellefteå