Stadsteater Helsingborg (2007)


While the interior of the main auditorium was renewed and the galleries were remodeled Trekwerk was contracted to install a new and modern fly system. The new installation is full TNM operated and consists of 50 500kg SynchroDisk fly bar winches, 10 SynchroDisks used as 250kg point hoists, 3 lighting clusters hoists, and a proscenium lighting bridge.


The installation consists of:

  • 50 SynchroDisk 500kg winches.
  • 10 SynchroDisk 250kg point hoists
  • Pointhoist pulley rigging infrastructure
  • Lighting bridges
  • Regenerative/Redundant Power system
  • TNM operating system according to EN61508 SIL3


Karl Johans gata 1
252 67 Helsingborg