Vanemuine Theater (2017)


The 2016 project was to dismantle the existing manual fly system including the old structures, and install 40 new cross-stage line sets, point hoists, and lighting bars.

The 2017 phase was to replace the existing stage revolve with a modern version including 10 stage lifts. In this same period, the orchestra pit lift and storage elevator were also renewed.


A new technical installation:

  • Dismantling of the complete overstage installation
  • New grid floor
  • 40 cross-stage winches
  • 3 lighting bridges
  • 12 SynchroPoints 250kg
  • HOAC/Harlequin hoistable ballet floor
  • Double-deck stage revolve
  • 10 stage lifts in the revolve
  • 3 orchestra pit lifts
  • 600VDC and TNM operating system


Vanemuise 6
51003 Tartu